About us

I am passionate about technology solutions.

Never a limit to your dreams, achieve anything.

College Dropout, Entrepreneur, Coder

Tawanda Brandon Sibanda, is a college dropout, enterprenuer and coder. Originally from Zimbabwe,  he dropped out of Physics at the University Of Helsinki. After accepting that traditional education wasn't for him and a strong desire for independence, he focused on teaching himself coding and business principles.

The Holdings Company

Tawanda is passionate about technology and is currently leading several projects that are making a positive impact on the world. By continually investing in Tawanda Brandon Co. he is devoted to ensuring his work continues through the businesses he started over the years. He work with talented individuals and organizations that offer a wide range of services, that boost growth, enhance productivity, and economize costs. In turn his businesses have gone out to solve community problems, disrupting global industries in the process.


although different in their nature, this is what keeps us going.

Brave, curious, ambtious and always stay open minded



We stay innovative and forward-thinking. We are passionate about creating an environment that is inviting, inspiring, and most importantly, curious.



Sophisticated problems are always opportunities to deliver meaningful work. Understanding that Meaningful work the backbone of thriving communities.



We hold and foster a blueprint for sustainable work practices for all our ventures.  The cornerstone to ensuring  that problems are solved sustainably.



Yielding a hunter mentality that sees no boundaries, having the heart to do what it takes to achieve our greatest potential.



A deep understanding the value of the work we do is embedded in these brands and the stories we tell. It's how we stay convicted.



We owe it those that came before us to inspire the next generation. That our work may awaken them to better possibilities.